What Inspires You?



Color inspires me! The infinite emotions color makes you feel is awesome... and very often overwhelming.


Hands inspire me! Character shows in your hands. What your mind envisions can be given life by your hands.

Do you remember someone's hands? I remember a special teacher's hands from many years ago. She was a potter, and I remember thinking "I want my hands to look like Ms. Buchanan's hands one day."


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Words That Inspire

A new friend recently reminded me where inspiration comes from. He recommended a book* to me, and after reading only a few pages, I realized that we share a love of certain treasures in life... words and thoughts that inspire the best  in people.

My first  favorite quote from the book is "Intellect and Emotion are partners who do not speak the same language. The Intellect finds logic to justify what the Emotions have decided. Win the hearts of people, and their minds will follow."

I find this interesting because of the perceived dichotomy in the "business of art." On one hand I am a businesswoman, and have been for many years. On the other, I am an artist, and have been for all of my life. One is Intellect, one is Emotion. Usually they take turns being dominant... sometimes they struggle. Once a client (and friend) told me that in business artists never charge as much as they are worth.  It's true. Artists would always rather do it just for the love of the work. 

* "The Wizard of Ads" by Roy H. Williams

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