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Whether you just need a little help getting a website up and going, or want reliable full service the whole way through, I can help.  


... and Print, too!

My first love is great design, whether in print or on the web. At SPD, in addition to web design, we take a lot of pleasure in producing interesting, effective print projects. We offer a large array of print products from business cards to posters, postcards to doorhangers, banners to magnets... and much more. Our well-known superior print quality, fast turnarounds, customer service and excellent price are just the answer you need. Let us give you an estimate on your project.


By the way, here's that grandson I mentioned earlier... the railroad baron.I am the easiest person to find. As you can imagine, I am on the computer almost all the time... well, except when I am entertaining important people... you know, like railroad barons. 

The very best way to contact me is by email.

But if you really, really  want to,
just give me a call at 713-494-7944.





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