On the Web...

Whether you just need a little help getting a website up and going, or want reliable full service the whole way through, I can help.  


... and Print, too!

My first love is great design, whether in print or on the web. At SPD, in addition to web design, we take a lot of pleasure in producing interesting, effective print projects. We offer a large array of print products from business cards to posters, postcards to doorhangers, banners to magnets... and much more. Our well-known superior print quality, fast turnarounds, customer service and excellent price are just the answer you need. Let us give you an estimate on your project.


Just a note...

My design studio is changing direction! Due to current demands on my time, I cannot commit to bringing on new clients at this time.

What a nice thing it is to work with people you care about. My clients are the absolute best! They are passionate about the causes they support and the work they do. I take joy in supporting them with the work I do, and will continue to be there for them.


Web Site Design and Management

The Internet is a challenging medium for an artist! It is a unique combination of the artistic and mechanical worlds... art and math... each world functioning on different sides of the brain.

Okay, enough physiology! Just enough to give you a glimpse into this artist's thoughts.


Let's talk websites!

You may need one... right? That's why you are here. And, you don't want to put my grandson (although he is really cute!) through college getting your "face to the world" up on the internet. I can help you accomplish that in a couple of different ways... 

1.   I can design a nice, easy-to-manage site, and manage it for you... or

2.   I can design a nice, easy-to-manage site, and enable you to manage it yourself.

Here are some sites I have designed, some of which I manage, and some that are managed by my clients.


What do you need to have in place?

We can start with nothing at all, and work from there.


Domain Name

You will need a domain name... that's the www.something.com. If you don't have that already, GoDaddy.com is a great place to start. You can do it yourself or I can help you get it. If you do have one, all the better.

Webspace Host

Next will come arranging for some webspace on someone's server. I have a preferred host I work with, for reasons that will be very apparent as you and I work together. Needless to say, the phrase "reliable as all get out" plays a big factor.



Then, the design process... my favorite part. This is where the "business me" takes a back seat to the "artsy" me. I tweak to my heart's content, til the site's just right to my artist's eye, but it doesn't cost you any extra. Makes me happy... makes you happy. Best of both worlds.

I'll help you with the design & creation, hosting, email blast service, optimization, e-commerce capability and any peripheral materials needed.


Goal Met

Finally, you'll have the site that you need and want, that works for you, and I will have had the opportunity to create something new and make a positive difference in your world.


Now, the big question - cost

As you can imagine, each website is VERY different, making it an art in itself to even estimate the cost. Yet, you need to have some idea of what the budget will need to be. No blank check required! I'll give you an estimate of a price range you'll be able count on.

Send me an email with your vision and needs for your site, and I will reply with an outline how best to achieve your goal.