What Inspires You?



Color inspires me! The infinite emotions color makes you feel is awesome... and very often overwhelming.


Hands inspire me! Character shows in your hands. What your mind envisions can be given life by your hands.

Do you remember someone's hands? I remember a special teacher's hands from many years ago. She was a potter, and I remember thinking "I want my hands to look like Ms. Buchanan's hands one day."



People Who Inspire

Last night I attended a dinner in Lake Jackson, Texas. There were some good friends there and many people I had not yet met. There were three distinguished citizens who spoke to the standing room only crowd. As I listened to them address us, I thought how the three men inspire people so differently.

First to speak was Texas Senator John Cornyn. He spoke in general sweeping terms, employing familiar euphemisms, calm and thoughtful in demeanor. He praised the diligence of the people he works with in Washington in trying to address the issues faced by our country. I didn't come away from his speech with a clear message, but a feeling he is a calm voice in that storm of controversy.

Up next was our Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. He's just the kind of guy Texans like, friendly, funny, giving freely of praise to the people who work with him at the Texas Capitol. He tells a story like no one else, and when he gets to the point of the story, you come away with a clear idea of why he supports the position he advocates. He is clearly a defender of the 2nd Amendment, and you come away knowing you will always remember that.

Rep. Ron Paul, our long-time representative and 2012 Presidential candidate, then came to the podium. A man of character, devotion and dedication, you see that in every nuance of his manner. He spoke of hope for our country, the future for the America we love. Then he told us where our hope lay. He spoke not in generalities, not in clichés, not in stories, no jocularity in his voice. His was the voice of history... invoking eras of ancient and modern history, the history of other countries and the history of America. Where does the hope of our future lay? Can we really believe there IS hope? From where will the hope of our country come? From the schools. Throughout history, revolution and change have been student driven. Our young people, "hungry for a clear message of freedom", are the hope in whom we can believe.

And so, three men, each inspiring in their own manner. These men embody the message of Mahatma Gandhi... "Be the change you wish to see in the world." If you would have peace, be peaceful and calm. If you would have laughter, be joyful and humorous. But if you would have hope enter the world, give hope.

It is possible to inspire the best in your fellow man. You must lead in your own way, that others may understand and then follow.


Sources of Inspiration!

Where does inspiration come from? How can you find it?

Inspiration may come from unexpected sources. It may happen to you in a flash. Most often it comes because you are "ready" to recognize it. Some time ago I ordered a book, as I often do. The bookseller was in Austrailia, and he put me on his email list. What an inspiration he has been!

Dr. Anthony Fernando is a writer, and his life's work is writing of his Dare to Dream philosophy. He shares "practical inspiration to help achieve your life's goals." Basic... incredible... inspired! A gold mine of shared inspirational articles and his favorite videos.

Visit his blog. His latest article just might be the inspiration YOU are looking for. "Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a GPS device that could help us get our life back on track when we get a little lost? Well, in fact – there is, and here’s how it works…"


Words That Inspire

A new friend recently reminded me where inspiration comes from. He recommended a book* to me, and after reading only a few pages, I realized that we share a love of certain treasures in life... words and thoughts that inspire the best  in people.

My first  favorite quote from the book is "Intellect and Emotion are partners who do not speak the same language. The Intellect finds logic to justify what the Emotions have decided. Win the hearts of people, and their minds will follow."

I find this interesting because of the perceived dichotomy in the "business of art." On one hand I am a businesswoman, and have been for many years. On the other, I am an artist, and have been for all of my life. One is Intellect, one is Emotion. Usually they take turns being dominant... sometimes they struggle. Once a client (and friend) told me that in business artists never charge as much as they are worth.  It's true. Artists would always rather do it just for the love of the work. 

* "The Wizard of Ads" by Roy H. Williams